A tide that brings the mind its serenity.
A virtue one has to possess for eternity.
For just as one can only see a clear reflection in still waters,
one can only listen through silence.

It is the perfect way to tame the tongue.
For this muscular organ you see can do so much wrong.
To you, it may just be mere words,
but to others, it cuts sharper than a two-edged sword.

Hush and you’ll see, that it is in silence we think clearly.
Only then do we have those A-Ha! moments we yearn for so dearly.
In silence, we feel the stillness of our souls.
True peace is found when we tend to needs of our souls.

Ironic it may seem, that no language on earth be likened to silence.
For folly is associated with chatter, and silence to the wise.
So, in that heated argument choose silence,
when you lack the facts be silent.

Make no mistake and liken silence to timidity.
For being silent when you ought to speak is sheer stupidity.
Know when to talk and when to listen,
so that when you speak, your words would be valued.

How beautiful it is to communicate without uttering a word.
For in silence and meditation, we can speak to the Lord,
we listen to the voice of our creator,
and discover our purpose on earth.

Hush now dear friend.
Pause and take a deep breath.
For in our world so full of chaos and endless bicker,
silence is our elixir.

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